Make Refuse Truck Purchasing a Breeze

Traditional government bid processes are time consuming, labor intensive, and littered with hurdles. Sourcewell (a government entity) has simplified the bidding process as all its contracts are competitively solicited on a corporate level. These contracts are delivered through your local dealer.

Sourcewell has recently awarded Curbtender with a national cooperative purchase contract. Now, government entities are able to effortlessly procure Curbtender refuse trucks.

Curbtender Sourcewell 2024

Curbtender’s contract number is #110223-CRB. Becoming a Sourcewell member is free for all government entities and can be done in a few short minutes.

Premium Benefits for Sourcewell Members

Ideally Designed
for You

Curbtender works directly with Sourcewell Members and local resellers during the quote configuration process. This closer alignment allows Curbtender engineers to collaborate with fleet managers and work towards an optimum build.

No Haggle,
No Games

Retail pricing varies greatly between regions, and even between individual resellers. Curbtender provides a nationally competitive price structure through its Sourcewell contract. Additional discounts are published for repeat customers and order size. This simplifies the procurement process and offers managers more confidence in their purchasing process.

Unmatched Protection

Customers who purchase Curbtender garbage trucks through Sourcewell will receive a complimentary one-year warranty upgrade.