The Quantum is the US Waste Industry’s favorite small rear loader.

The Quantum MD model builds upon the trusted Quantum platform, but offers a larger hopper than its smaller siblings and is sold in 11 or 13 cubic yard body variants. Explore all the features and options the Curbtender Quantum MD rear loader has to offer.

Fast Packing
High Compaction
Legal Payload
Fuel Efficient
Flexible Options

When paired with the proper engine and transmission, the Quantum MD can quickly complete its pack cycle in as little as 13 seconds. This is thanks to its unique patented packing mechanism which utilizes a “swing” design rather than “slide” design. As a result, the Quantum MD can process up to 4.5 cubic yards of trash in one minute.

The Quantum MD leads its industry peers with a compaction rating as high as 1,000 pounds per cubic yard when properly spec’d.

Thanks to its unique tailgate design and body weight, the Quantum MD has the industry’s best weight distribution and legal payload capacity for small rear loaders.

The Quantum MD’s lighter weight body and faster cycle times create less power demand on the truck chassis compared to its peers; helping keep fuel costs in check.

Quantum MD units can also be equipped with many available options such as:

  • Variety of Cart Tipper Models and Brands

  • Roll Bar for Commercial Container Collection

  • 4,000 LB Hydraulic Drum Winch for Commercial Container Collection

  • Hardox Hopper Liner Kit

  • Optional Hooklift Mounting

Chiseled Body
Curved Floor
Rust Resistance

Quantum MD is available in 11 or 13 cubic yard models.

Curbtender’s unique chiseled body side wall adds increased strength compared to a roll formed side wall. The result is a more durable, longer lasting body that can withstand the Quantum MD’s high compaction forces.

Curbtender’s unique floor design provides liquid sump.

Curbtender utilizes a highly durable zinc based prime coat on its Quantum to give customers superior rust resistance over the life of their truck. Curbtender’s top coat paint has industry leading hardness, chip resistance, and chemical resistance. Competitors use automotive style finishes which simply don’t hold up for customers in winter climates, or operating on gravel roads, or near the ocean.

Commercial Containers
Tailgate Clearance
Bumper Pads
Auto Lock

The Quantum MD is purpose built to accept commercial dumpsters. Its 70” wide tailgate width allows efficient collection of small commercial dumpsters without worry of trash overflowing or slow loading. Competitor models frequently use a “hopper flare” to accommodate dumpsters on their smaller tailgate.

The unique design of the Quantum MD tailgate allows the operator to traverse up to a 15 degree incline. This superior ground clearance on the tailgate ensures less scraping of the road surface than its competitors.

The Quantum MD comes equipped with large rubber bumper pads when commercial container handling options are selected. This ensures the packer can take the years of abuse created by collecting dumpsters.

No more messing with turnbuckles at the landfill. The Quantum features an auto-locking tailgate which securely tightens the tailgate against the body seal.

Dual E-Stop
Tailgate Guards
MOL System
Camera System

Curbtender has implemented dual emergency stop switches as standard on the tailgate of all Quantum models.

As an option, Curbtender can provide tailgate side guards to further separate the operator from the load sill, packing panel, and debris.

For Canadian customers, or those desiring two-hand operation, Curbtender has multiple MOL (Ministry of Labor) safety control systems available.

All Quantum units come equipped with a rear back up camera as a standard option. Units can be equipped with rear view color camera systems as an optional feature.

As an option, Quantum units can be equipped with a wide variety of LED strobe lights and work lights.



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