The Titan, made by Curbtender Inc., is a high compaction heavy duty front loader. It comes standard with 8,000 lb single piece bolt-on arms with 4.5″ hydraulic cylinders. As an option, the Titan can be equipped with Curbtender’s patented 3 Piece Lift Arm. This robust option adds strength but also improves ease of maintenance. If an arm becomes damaged and needs repair, one individual section can be quickly and easily replaced. All three sections of the arm can ship together on one pallet, resulting in a dramatic freight savings.

Cardboard Special

Haulers on cardboard or recycling routes have always struggled to maximize payload. Thanks to the Titan’s optional “cardboard package,” haulers experience a dramatic increase in total payload. Curbtender installs high performance hydraulic cylinders and other proprietary tweaks to the system to help condense cardboard material more efficiently. The result becomes vividly clear the first time you eject a “cardboard loaf” at the transfer station.

In Control

The Titan’s optional electronic controls package allows for incredibly easy operation. Just pull back the joystick and let the Titan automatically dump the container and then set it back down exactly in the spot you picked it up at. Service becomes even easier with the on-board diagnostics screen that displays every input and output of the electronic control system, and whether or not it is sending/receiving a signal.



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