In 1978 the Curbtender was introduced as the Waste industry’s first commercially produced automated side loader and has maintained its status as the industry standard bearer ever since. Now called the PowerPak, it features 1,000 pounds per cubic yard compaction and an arm rated for lifting up to 2,000 pounds. The PowerPak’s standard 5 Year structural arm warranty is unrivaled by any competitor and speaks to the truck’s durability.

The PowerPak continues to be on the forefront of automated waste collection thanks to a wide array of electronic and hydraulic controls options.

Air Over Hydraulic PLC

Simple yet robust, the PowerPak is available with an air-over-hydraulic system with a programmable logic controller. This 3rd generation PLC features a rugged mobile controller that can handle the severe shock and vibrations that refuse trucks experience. Many of our competitors instead use a delicate printed circuit board designed for industrial PLC systems.

Electronic Proportional Controls

Our electronic proportional controls option (EPC) is by far the most popular control system ordered by our customers. This feature-rich system allows smoother arm operation, driver customization, and on-board diagnostics.

G4 Load Sense Controls

The optional G4 controls package introduces a variable flow piston pump controlled by a load sensing hydraulic system. Rather than pumping a fixed flow to various functions, the G4 PowerPak directs only the flow needed for each function based upon operator input and hydraulic load. The net result is a more efficient hydraulic system that demands less from the engine and therefore helps to improve fuel economy.

PowerPak Features and Options

The PowerPak comes standard with the Power Arm and a high compaction packing panel. The Power Arm is our traditional PowerPak arm with a capacity to lift up to 2,000 pounds and a 5 year structural warranty. It is precision welded by a robotic welder to ensure perfect weld penetration and enhance durability. The packer panel compacts trash at 1,000 pounds per cubic yard and features robust follower panels that allow trash to be dumped while the packer is still in the body of the PowerPak. Hardox 450 steel is found extensively throughout the PowerPak body, hopper, and the arm.

Customers love the wide array of body options available to make the PowerPak fit their operation. For example, one can choose body sizes from 16 cubic yard to 31 cubic yard, full eject or tip-to-dump, regular or large commercial gripper arms, and manual or air cylinder controlled hopper covers. That’s in addition to the dozens of lighting options, auto lubrication packages, scale systems, and steel liner kits to extend the life of the hopper and body.


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