The Curbtender Fuzion is a highly efficient and versatile automated side loader. An all new platform created by merging some of Curbtender’s best designs and technologies.

Lift Arm
Fast Packing
Extra Deep Hopper
Body Sump
Hopper Cover

The Fuzion’s packing panel is lightning fast early in the route to help clear more material quicker. Then as load increases, the packer hydraulics amplify packing pressure to maximize load density. The end result is less waiting around for trash to clear the hopper and routes get done on time.

Curbtender designed its deepest hopper ever for the Fuzion. Thanks to the extra capacity, the Fuzion is excellent at holding and clearing material from 300+ gallon containers on single stream configurations.

Curbtender raised the hopper above the Fuzion’s body floor to create a natural sump in the body. This isolates the hopper and packing cylinders from nasty trash juice and other corrosive liquids. And it also greatly reduces risk of juices splashing forward onto chassis components.

In single stream applications, the Fuzion smartly uses a dual purpose hopper cover and crusher panel. Meanwhile the split body configuration utilizes the diverter panel and crusher panel to form a complete cover of the hopper cavity.

Advanced Controls
Cart Shake
Auto Dump

The Fuzion utilizes the Parker IQAN control system for easy operation, better performance, and increased intelligence. A large 7” display screen makes it easy to navigate through controls screens. The joystick features four buttons for quick access to important features. And Marine Grade CAN BUS switches offer increased durability.

Ever have cardboard and other bulky items get stuck in the cart? Of course you have. That’s why we have a cart shake button integrated into Curbtender’s joystick. One tap during the lift sequence automatically instructs the system to initiate the shake feature and jostle that debris free.

Key diagnostics are easily displayed on the Fuzion’s 7” display screen. Diagnosing also becomes a breeze as the system can quickly let the technician know whether key functions are sending or receiving signals. And if the job ever needs an extra set of eyes, the dealer or Curbtender can remote into the system via Bluetooth to see exactly what the truck is doing real-time and perform over-the-air software updates if needed.

Regardless of which arm is mounted on the Fuzion, Curbtender implements auto dumping features standard. This reduces the learning curve, simplifies operation, and minimizes the operator’s hand motions.

Power Arm
Xtender Arm

Fuzion can be equipped with Curtender’s legendary Power Arm. The Power Arm has the capacity to lift up to 2,000 pounds and comes with a standard 5 year structural warranty. Lifting 300 gallon containers are no problem with the Power Arm. Furthermore, it is precision welded by a robotic welder to ensure perfect weld penetration and enhance durability.

The Fuzion can be equipped with Curbtender’s Xtender arm. With a 12’ reach, the Xtender arm provides that extra bit of reach for difficult cul-de-sacs and areas with lots of parked cars in the street. The Xtender arm mounts under hopper, rather than offset- which decreases wheelbase and increases maneuverability. The Xtender lift arm uses a robust rotary actuator, no problematic chains and no need to re-build every 1-3 years like some competitor models. The Xtender arm is standard on the HammerPak ASL model as shown in the adjacent image.

Low Profile
Tapered Design
Chiseled Body
Split Body

Fuzion is available in a 27 cubic yard model.

The Fuzion’s sleek, low profile design allows more clearance from trees and other low hanging obstructions. The lower profile is especially helpful in roof-mounted CNG configurations. Combined with the minimal side visual disruptions, the Fuzion gets the job done while looking good doing it.

Curbtender designed the Fuzion with tapered body sides and a tapered roof to allow clean ejection of debris and eliminate fuss of sticky recycling loads.

Curbtender’s unique chiseled body side wall adds increased strength compared to a roll formed side wall. In addition, Curbtender utilizes overlapped AR450 construction. The result is a lightweight and wear resistant body capable of higher legal payloads.

The optional split body configuration helps tackle waste and recycling with one truck. Intuitive controls easily divert material to the desired side of the hopper and a crusher panel ensures no bulging or overflowing of material while packing.



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