Born and Raised in the Heartland. Products Proven Throughout the World. Take a Look at Curbtender’s Legendary Durability, Performance, and Innovation.


The Curbtender was the first commercially produced automated side loader in the waste industry, having been introduced in the 1970s. Today, Curbtender Inc continues the heritage and innovation of its namesake with three distinct ASL models.


Curbtender manufactures highly versatile manual side loading refuse products. The TomCat comes in a variety of sizes, split body configurations, and load ejection methods. The Pup is a nimble side loader for parks and special service areas thanks to its compact size, ability to be mounted on truck or trailer, and multiple lift attachments such as barrel and cart dumpers.


Curbtender, Inc. manufactures a complete line of rear loader products — from the new Quantum high-performance, small-body rear loader to the powerful Phoenix full-size rear loader. We know that one-size does not fit all — so we offer a proven family of rear loaders in a full range of body sizes and performance packages.


Curbtender manufactures two different durable and robust front loader models. The Titan is a traditional high compaction front loader that can be equipped with the optional “Cardboard Package” to maximize payload with cardboard recycling routes. The Titanium is a lightweight front loader with a body inspired by a rear loader body design.


The CargoMaster is a crane system installed inside of trailers and box vans for easier moving of large, bulky, and/or heavy cargo. Curbtender installs a rail system with fold-out jibs which allows the crane to travel outside of the trailer opening. The CargoMaster has four models based on required weight capacity, ranging from 2,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds. Multiple different lift attachments (such as a spreader bar, hook, pallet forks) allow a wide array of rigging options.



No Dock? No Problem
In-trailer crane system


Curbtender Sweepers, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Curbtender, Inc. With four distinct sweeper models, Curbtender has the right truck for any sweeping job.