The Titanium is a revolutionary new lightweight front loader design, developed for the ultimate in versatility.

Light on Weight, Heavy on Tough

Designed using the concepts of a rear load body, the Titanium inherently has a durable high compaction body yet weighs less than the traditional front loader body design. The Titanium’s single piece lift arms used for COE configurations are rated at 8,000 lbs.

Sized to Your Need

The Titanium comes in 27 yard, 32 yard, and 40 cubic yard body variants. This versatility allows you to order the perfect front loader for your needs.

Automatically Easy

The Titanium comes standard with electronically proportional controls and a joystick which automates the lift cycle. There is no more need to manually adjust to the contours of the cab. The Titanium does all the adjustments itself. Just pull the joystick back and let the truck do the rest of the work!


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