Curbtender and UAW Local 838 Reach New 5 Year Agreement

3/19/2021 – Cedar Falls, Iowa

Curbtender, Inc., a leading manufacturer of refuse collection trucks, announced it has reached a new collective bargaining agreement with UAW Local 838 for factory workers at its 701 Performance Drive facility in Cedar Falls, Iowa. This is Curbtender’s first negotiated contract since purchasing the business of Wayne Engineering in 2017.

Highlights of the agreement include a 3% annual pay increase and a change in term from 3 years to 5 years. As a result, the new wage scale ranges from $16.20 per hour for Grade I workers up to $28.94 per hour for Grade VII workers. “Both sides were able to come to agreement for a great future, stated Kenneth Halter, Jr., chief union steward at Curbtender. “With this contract we have established some of the most competitive wages and benefits in the area.”

Company President Mark Watje added, “We felt it was important to reach a five-year contract to show our employees and the community that we are committed to long-term growth in the Cedar Valley.” Curbtender anticipates 20% annual growth for its fourth straight year. “In 2020, we refocused our Cedar Falls operation on producing automated side loaders and other highly technical vehicles. Our team has done an awesome job and we are now producing trucks at our highest rate ever.”

The negotiation team consisted of company President Mark Watje, Vice President Bartt Weichers, UAW Servicing Rep Michael Krumholz, UAW Local 838 President Tim Frickson, Chief Steward Kenneth Halter Jr; and committee members Brian Brunko, Justin Thurman, and Matthew Aschbrenner.

Curbtender is actively hiring welders and mechanics. For more information about Curbtender or to apply for a job, please visit