Curbtender Introduces New Automated Side Loading Refuse Truck

6/28/2021 – Cedar Falls, Iowa

Curbtender, Inc., a leading manufacturer of refuse collection vehicles based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, announced the launch of a new automated side loader platform called the Fuzion. The first production unit was delivered to Green Waste Palo Alto on June 25; a 27 cubic yard model featuring a split body chamber for dual waste stream collection, mounted on a natural gas powered Peterbilt 520 truck chassis.

The Fuzion was designed as a highly configurable platform to meet a wide variety of needs. Customers can choose between Curbtender’s famous heavy-duty “PowerArm” or its long reach “Xtender” arm. Its body is tapered, can be equipped for single stream or dual stream waste collection, and features a tip-to-dump ejection method. Trash and recycling is quickly processed thanks to a deeper well hopper, accelerated packer panel speeds, and a pre-crusher panel capable of pressing down bulky items like cardboard boxes. Meanwhile, corrosive liquids are contained in the body and protected from the packing cylinders as a result of the hopper being raised above the body floor.

The company helped pioneer the automated side loader industry over 40 years ago with the introduction of the Curbtender automated side loader (now called the PowerPak). With its newest introduction, Curbtender now maintains four distinct automated side loader platforms: AutoCat, Fuzion, HammerPak, and PowerPak. This is one of the most complete OEM lineup of automated side loaders in the world, with each possessing unique innovations ideal for different routes and trash streams.

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