2/22/2018 – Cedar Falls, Iowa

Curbtender Inc., a manufacturer of refuse collection vehicles and street sweepers based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, has announced it will be conducting demonstrations of its Quantum all-electric rear loader in Alberta, Canada, throughout the month of March.

The Quantum is the first small rear loading refuse collection body to be integrated with an all-electric chassis in the North American waste industry. The 10-yard packer is mounted to BYD’s 6R chassis and is powered by iron phosphate battery technology. Iron phosphate batteries are more environmentally friendly compared to other battery technologies due to the absence of heavy metals or toxic electrolytes. BYD’s 6R chassis receives extended battery life through the use of regenerative braking.

BYD is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and rechargeable batteries. The company assembles its truck chassis in California and features backing from renowned investor Warren Buffett.

Prior demonstrations were extensively conducted throughout southern California and British Columbia, including with the City of Los Angeles and City of Vancouver. During these trials, the electric Quantum averaged close to 85 miles of travel with up to 200 daily pack cycles. In over one year of use, the demonstrator unit never depleted its full battery charge while on any of its routes.

Due to the Quantum’s patented packing design, it weighs thousands of pounds less than competitive models. The net result is a more efficient packer that features best-in-class legal payload despite added weight from the battery pack.

To learn more about Curbtender’s all-electric Quantum rear loader, please contact